The best arrow heads for shooting practice targets

Time to choose arrowheads for a shooting spree. Well, arrowhead is an important part of an arrow, since it defines its sharpness and the precision of your shot. You can use various arrowheads suiting different needs in shooting your target. Whether as simple target practice, a small game hunting like rabbit, crows, and squirrels or big game hunting like deer, buck or elks, you have to choose the arrowheads carefully.

bow target2bow target

Different arrowheads have different functions and are made from different materials. Some of the favored ones by archers, are made from metals. Earlier, hunters used to make arrowheads out of chiseled stones, chipped off rocks or bones. Arrowheads differ primarily in their style or shape of crafting. Let’s discuss some of the commonly used arrowheads:

Target Tips

These arrowheads have bullet shaped tips. These are designed by keeping target practice in mind. They have an ability to penetrate target easily and quickly. They can be easily pulled out of dead target and reused.

Blunt Tips

These are unsharpened tips, mainly used in target shooting. These do not penetrate into the target. These can be used for small games like rabbits since they kill by shocking the target. These are commonly made from metal or thin rubber.

Judo Tips

These are similar in shape as the blunt tips but have an extra L shaped hook to grasp the target after the shot. Due to the unique shape, these arrowheads get stuck in grass or on the target body, so you won’t lose them after a shot.

Bowfishing arrowheads

These are designed to penetrate the fish scales if you are hunting fish with a bow and arrow. The reason is its unique tip head having hooks. These arrowheads are made from stainless steel.

Broadhead tips

bow target3Broadhead arrow tips are the deadliest of all arrowheads. These are designed with steel blades and make a wide area of penetration. These blades cause wide cuts that kill the game instantly. These are expensive and hurt the target brutally. These must not be used in practicing archery. These are used for big game hunting like elks, deer, bucks etc. Broadheads are of two types-

  • Fixed blade broadheads have immovable and rigid blades as tips. These have greater penetration power and penetrate right down to the bones of the target hurting it severely.
  • Mechanical broadheads have movable blades. When an arrow hits the target, small kinetic energy is infused into the blades. The blades penetrate a target and the movement of blades cause brutal injury to the animal causing huge blood loss and eventual death.  They do not penetrate very deeply, so they do not hurt the bones.


These are some of the most commonly used arrowheads for hunting for fun or some serious game. Choose them according to the target you are aiming for.