Why I Don’t Use Guns When Hunting

Hunting is a great activity for those of you who are adventurous and love to do something different for enjoyment. It teaches you brilliant survival skills that you will be able to use in difficult times. Plus, you get to learn a lot of mental skills that will help you focus in your daily life.


Health Benefits of Hunting

Hunting has its physical benefits as well. Since you are hunting in the wilds or outdoors, your overall health will be greatly benefited, as you are breathing fresh air and exerting yourself in this great chase game as you walk or run after your target. You meet and encounter different kinds of animals and game as well. You enjoy nature that is a great way to relax. It’s really a great sport!


Hunting with Guns?

BUT, hunting does have its disadvantages as well, especially when using guns! Here are some reasons as to why I prefer not to use guns when hunting:

It’s harmful to the environment

Some people find fun in using guns when hunting animals but, killing them shouldn’t be the point of hunting, especially if you only do it for fun and not for your food needs! You are killing innocent animals through gruesome means, which is the main reason why I would rather not use a gun when hunting. Plus, the gunpowder and smoke from shooting harm the surroundings.

It’s dangerous

It isn’t only dangerous to animals, but to people as well! Sometimes, accidents are inevitable, especially when hunting with guns. You may end up accidentally shooting yourself or other people. It may injure them or end up being fatal. So, if you are a beginner, it’s best not use guns at all, or to at least take shooting lessons before hunting.

It’s expensive

Investing in a gun for hunting is very expensive, depending on the type of gun you will be using. There are different types of guns you are able to use when hunting, but either way, it will end up costing a lot, from the gun itself down to the other equipment and the ammunition you will need.

There is a long process

Owning a gun isn’t simple. Not only you will spend time, money and effort going through shooting lessons, but you will need a license to carry a gun as well!

Scares the animals

Using gun or a rifle for hunting, scares the animals away. If your shot goes awry, you may not be able  to get any success.

In A Nutshell


Hunting with guns has a lot of disadvantages that won’t help you or nature at all. It’s best to use more natural and safer means, such as crossbows or small weapons that still allow you to enjoy the hunting sport. You’ll be able to find any of these types of weapons and gear in your local hunting store, or you can take a quick search online where you are able to find tips and purchase the right equipment. Hunting doesn’t need to be dangerous and hassling.

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